Community-driven marketing and medical education.

We are a marketing and medical education company that has developed large, highly-engaged healthcare professional audiences around our market-leading media brands.
Our difference

We distribute educational and promotional content during either patient consultations or protected learning time.

We identify individual clinician knowledge gaps via analysis of our platform utilisation.

We create medical education that we know HCPs actually need confirmed by our proprietary data.

We guarantee pre-agreed volumes of engagement for all our client campaigns.

Our communities include…

General practitioners

Primary & community care nurses

Prescribing pharmacists


Specialist nurses

Specialist doctors

Multi disciplinary


Our channels.
Our market-leading websites generate 2.7 million pageviews per month, while our branded events attract over 10,000 delegates each year.


The UK’s most popular website for GPs, with over 29,000 logged-in visitors per month


The UK’s leading diabetes education website with over 45,000 registered users, including every member of the Primary Care Diabetes Society

Chronic Conditions

The UK’s leading website and national event for primary care clinicians and medicines managers involved in the management of chronic conditions

Wounds UK

The UK’s leading wound care information provider, with over 15,000 unique website visitors per month and 1,500 attendees at the annual congress

OmniaMed Update

The UK’s most popular free -to-attend medical education events, with over 3,000 GP delegates each year

Our services.
We have developed a unique, data-driven process for developing and distributing medical education and promotional content that allows us to guarantee pre-agreed volumes of clinician engagement on all client campaigns.
Marketing services

Digital advertising

Targeting through GPnotebook enables advertisers to maximise impact during consultation hours. While advertising on our dedicated education platforms enables marketers to engage with clinicians when they are receptive to more complex messaging, and have the time to click through to read more.

Outbound marketing

Our targeted, fully GDPR/ABPI compliant email newsletters and e-journals deliver market-leading engagement metrics to drive high-quality, high-volume traffic to both promotional or educational content.

Face-to-face opportunities

Securing clinicians’ time through representative visits has become increasingly difficult, while the economics of traditional ‘single-sponsor’ roadshow events is becoming ever more challenging, yet the effectiveness of interacting face-to-face with healthcare professionals still remains.

Medical education


GPnotebook’s diagnostic and treatment tool provides immediate support to GPs during patient consultations, while our education platforms – including and – are typically accessed during protected learning time


Quantitative and qualitative data points include: Search terms, pages viewed, pages saved, page annotations, user appraisal date and other demographics


Our in-house medical writing team uses our platform utilisation analytics, in partnership with our extensive KOL network, to develop educational content that healthcare professionals actually need


We can host content on our market-leading websites – which generate 2.7 million page views per month – or deliver it at one of our branded events – which attracts over 10,000 delegates per annum.


Medical education that clinicians actually need, delivered through marketing channels that clinicians actually use, means that OmniaMed Communications guarantees volumes of multi-channel engagement for all its client campaigns

Digital: Video

Including: •CPD modules •Shorts •Presentations •Interactive •Live •Case studies

Digital: Text-based

Including: •CPD modules •Consensus statement •HCP Guides and tools •Articles/meeting reports •White papers •Special reports •Case studies


Including: •Symposia •KOL slide decks •Ad boards •Faculty meeting •Conferences